Brand Names and Brand Marks

At a very basic level, branding is achieved through the use of unique brand names and brand marks. The brand name, which may be either the individual product name or a name applied to a group or family of products, is important for many reasons including suggesting what the product is or does (e.g., Mop-and-Glow). This can catch the attention of customers needing a product for a certain usage or who are seeking a specific benefit but do not know what products to choose. The name is also what we utter when we discuss the product and is helpful in creating and spreading product awareness.

The brand mark is a design element that provides visual or auditory recognition for the product. This can be represented by a symbol (e.g., Nike swoosh ), logo (e.g., Google color graphic), a character (e.g., Keebler elves) or even a sound (e.g., Intel inside sound).