Product Labeling

Most packages, whether final customer packaging or distribution packaging, are imprinted with information intended to assist the customer. For consumer products, labeling decisions are extremely important for the a number of reasons as explained below:

  • Captures Attention – Labels serve to capture the attention of shoppers. The use of catchy words and eye-catching graphics may cause strolling customers to stop and evaluate the product.
  • Offers First Impression – The label is likely to be the first thing a new customer sees and thus offers their first impression of the product.
  • Provides Information – The label provides customers with product information to aid their purchase decision or help improve the customer’s experience when using the product (e.g., recipes).
  • Aids Purchasing – Labels generally include a universal product codes (UPC) ,that make it easy for resellers, such as retailers, to checkout customers and manage inventory.
  • Addresses Needs in Global Markets – For companies serving international markets or diverse cultures within a single country, bilingual or multilingual labels may be needed.
  • Meets Legal Requirements – In some countries, certain products, including food and pharmaceuticals, are required by law to contain certain labels such as listing ingredients, providing nutritional information or including usage warning information.