Objectives of Public Relations

Like other aspects of marketing promotion, public relations is used to address several broad objectives including:

  • Building Awareness – When introducing a new product or re-launching an existing product, marketers can use a PR element to generate customer attention and awareness, particularly through media placements, social media announcements, and special events.
  • Creating Interest – Any positive attention PR can generate among media outlets, whether it results in an in-depth story or just a brief mention, can help entice interest within a target audience. For example, around the holiday season, a new festive holiday food may receive PR support with promotional releases sent to the food media, or through a free sampling event that may attract local television coverage.
  • Providing Information – PR can be used to provide customers with detailed information about products and services. Through organization-produced materials, such as online video tutorials, customer newsletters, social media postings, and other useful material, PR delivers information to customers that can help them gain understanding of the product or organization.
  • Stimulating Demand – While not as effective as sales promotion for moving customers to make a purchase, PR can still be a useful technique for building demand. For instance, a positive story about a product in a major media outlet can lead to a discernible increase in product sales.
  • Reinforcing the Brand – In many organizations, the public relations function is also involved with brand reinforcement by maintaining positive relationships with targeted audiences and thereby aiding in building a strong image. Today it is crucial for organizations and brands to build a favorable image. A strong image helps the marketer grow its business and may also help protect the organization in times of crises.