PR Trends: Corporate Blogging

Blogs may be most famous as a tool for political discussion, but they are also becoming an important communication tool for public relations. Blogs may be most famous as a tool for political discussion and used as a personal journal for individuals, but these are also becoming powerful communication tools for public relations.  Many companies in high-tech fields, such as eBay, Google, and Microsoft, and traditionally low-tech fields, such as General Motors, McDonalds, and Wells Fargo Bank, now produce in-house blogs that report on happenings at the company.  These blogs enable company employees, including CEOs and marketers, to post messages updating company developments and, consequently, serve as a useful PR tool.  As with corporate news, blog postings can also be quickly communicated to news media and others via social media and RSS feeds.

While in the past developing such website applications was considered time-consuming and often overly technical undertaking for the vast majority of marketers, this has changed with the evolution of easier to use site development applications which allow for quick creation and convenient updating of site content such as blogs.  In fact, severeral free blog services are available making the creation of a blog as easy has writing a word processing document.

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