PR Trends: Social Media

By far the most significant trend to affect public relations in the last 25 years is the impact played by social media.  In a matter of just a few years, social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin, have created opportunities for monitoring and communicating that are quickly raising these methods to the top of the list of PR tools.  But while it offers tremendous PR advantages, social media also poses significant threats.  One of the most pressing issues is that social media forces PR professionals to respond rapidly to negative or misleading information.  In effect, social media is turning PR into a 24-hour job, particularly for global companies.

Also, the time required to monitor and respond to the growing number of social media outlets is forcing some companies to place less emphasis on traditional public relations tasks, such as the creation of press kit materials.  Since social media is still evolving as a PR tool, it is unclear if shifting workload to social media will carry the same return on investment as what is offered with traditional PR tools.

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