An Interesting Development for the Most Interesting Man in the World

Creative advertising campaigns have the power to last a long time, especially if the campaign is tied to an appealing and widely recognizable character. For instance, for many people just mentioning insurance brands Geico and Progressive instantly conjure up their characters, Geiko?s Gecko and Progressive?s Flo. Brands that develop a character-based ad campaign can often ride these characters for many years.

But riding a character played by a real person can also be risky if something happens to the person. For instance, if the person playing the character can no longer play the role (e.g., age, medical condition) or does not want to play the part any longer, the advertiser faces a tough decision. One option is to drop the campaign and move on to something else with the hope they can achieve the same level of success as they had with the previous campaign. Another option is for the advertiser to keep the campaign and the character, but find a new actor to play the part. Or as a third option, they could keep the campaign but change characters.

An example of the latter is Dos Equis? Most Interesting Man in the World ads. This advertising campaign, which has been widely applauded for its creativity, is now at the point where the company feels the original actor playing the character has become too old for the part. Because the campaign is so well-known, Dos Equis has made the decision to keep the campaign going but to introduce a new Most Interesting Man character. But the way they are doing it is quite creative. While the full campaign will not launch until October, an introductory video is now available and is well worth watching.

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