Retail Categories: Service Level

Retailers attract customers not only with desirable products and affordable prices, but also by offering services that enhance the purchase experience. There are at least three levels of retail service:


This service level allows consumers to perform most or all of the services associated with retail purchasing. For some consumers self-service is considered a benefit while others may view it as an inconvenience. Self-service can be seen with: 1) self-selection services, such as online purchasing and vending machine purchases, and 2) self-checkout services where the consumer may get help selecting the product but they use self-checkout stations to process the purchase including scanning and payment.


The majority of retailers offer some level of service to consumers. Service includes handling the point-of-purchase transaction, product selection assistance, arrange payment plans, offer delivery, and many more.


The full-service retailer attempts to handle nearly all aspects of the purchase to the point where all the consumer does is select the item they wish to purchase. Retailers that follow a full-price strategy often follow the full-service approach as a way of adding value to a customer’s purchase.