Trends: Tracking, Clutter and Need For Creativity

Sales Promotion Tracking

As we discussed in our coverage of advertising, tracking customer’s response to marketers’ promotional activity is critical for measuring success of an advertisement. In sales promotion, tracking is also used. For instance, grocery retailers, whose customers are in possession of loyalty cards, have the ability to match customer sales data to coupon use. This information can then be sold to coupon marketers who may use the information to get a better picture of the buying patterns of those responding to the coupon. This may include using the information to generate instant coupons at the checkout counter.

Clutter and Need for Creativity

As previously noted, sales promotion shares similar problems with advertising when it comes to promotional clutter (see Disadvantages of Sales Promotion discussion above). The rise of clutter in sales promotion is expected to become more problematic as more marketers increase their sales promotion spending. To stand out, marketers must find creative ways, including new types of sales promotions, that will separate their promotions from those of their competitors.