niche marketing

Snappy Snacks

Summary:Molly Smith, product manager for a manufacturer and marketer of spicy snack products, must decide how to address sluggish sales of a newly introduced product. Potentially complicating the situation are Molly’s assistant product managers who appear to have different ideas on what needs to happen to improve sales. Cost:$2.99 USD To Purchase:Students and others can …

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Planning: Late Maturity Stage

Characteristics Competition: The competitive landscape has stabilized.  The only survivors remaining consist of a few market giants and several small niche firms. Target Market: The market has very few first-time buyers and almost all companies focus on getting existing customers to remain loyal. Product: There is a significant reduction in the introduction of new models. …

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Targeting Markets Tutorial

The first few sections of the Principles of Marketing Tutorials have introduced the basic concepts needed as a foundation for building a strong marketing program. In particular, we saw that the essential building blocks for creating a strong marketing program rests with marketing research and a deep understanding of customers. With this groundwork in place, …

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