For Discussion: Update on Mylan?s EpiPen Controversy

Last week we discussed the furor facing Mylan over its pricing of their EpiPen medication. The injectable drug is considered a potential lifesaver for many who experience a severe allergic reaction to insect bites, certain food consumption and other allergens. Mylan?s initial response to the ?price gouging? charges being directed their way was to offer special discounts to some customers, though we wondered if such a move would actually ?dampen the criticism.?

Well, apparently not. With a few more days to think things over, according to the Washington Post, the company has made another key marketing decision. This time around, the company is made both a product and pricing decision, as Mylan will now be distributing a half-priced generic version of the EpiPen.

For anyone looking to use this issue in class discussion, a good route to take with this news may be to ask what impact a generic form of this product will have on the main brand. Another topic is to wonder whether Mylan will be competing against itself by offering two product choices in a market where they are the only viable option. Finally, the timeline of events and how quickly things went down is also something to explore.