Some Thought This Would Never Happen but Older People Are Starting to Embrace Social Media

Older Folks Taking to Social MediaThe Marketing Insights portion of has been a key part of our website since 2009. Recently we did a review of the topics we have covered and, to our surprise, one of the most covered topics is social media. In 2015 alone, nearly 20% of our postings have focused on some element of social media, such as its importance for grocery stores and on public relations. Considering the number of times we have addressed social media, we were surprised to discover social media is not one of our insight tags. Well, today that oversight has been corrected.? Over the next few days we will be going through all of our past posts and add this tag where it is relevant. By doing so, we expect the Social Media tag will, in a very short period, rank as one of our highest numbered tags.

We also will be adding the social media category to our Marketing Stories topics list. However, this is a bit more challenging than adding it to the blog categories as pinpointing a general category in which to place social media is a bit tricky since it impacts all marketing areas. For the time being, we are going to place this under the Other category along with such topics as Internet Marketing and Global Marketing, though this could eventually change.

To celebrate our introductions of Social Media as a Marketing Blog category tag and a Marketing Stories topic area, we have another excellent story dealing with social media. This one is from the folks at the Pew Research Center. It reports the results of a survey of social media adoption among U.S. adults. Among the information presented is a breakdown of social media usage for different age groups. One interesting finding shows the rapid adoption of social media by those over 65 years old. Within this age group, use of social media as grown from around 11% in 2010 to over 35% in 2015. Other research results examine social media usage through other demographic factors including gender, educational level, race and income.

Certainly, this information continues to tell a story of a technology evolution that cannot be ignored.? All marketers, no matter what industry, need to understand the influence and power social media possesses.

Image by mkhmarketing