Useful Resources for Teaching Marketing

Marketing educators are always on the lookout for online materials that can enhance course instruction. To aid this search, we highlight five websites that are worth exploring. The resources presented will not only help students to more quickly grasp marketing concepts, but these will also provide valuable information that you can add to lecture materials. Better yet, most of the materials found on these websites are freely accessible.

Business USA – U.S Government
If you teach global marketing or personal selling, then check out this U.S. Federal Government website. It offers excellent links to a variety of government programs and services directed to companies looking to expand their business. While this website provides helpful material for many marketing areas, its real strength can be found in the Find International Trade Leads section. Here global marketers, and especially sales professionals, will find potential business opportunities that may be available in over 140 countries. Of particular note, is that most of what is posted deals with contract bidding. Thus, the information can serve as an effective way to explain how bid pricing works.

Online Public Relations
Coverage of public relations (PR) often does not receive the attention it deserves when teaching marketing. One reason is that PR is not only covered in marketing courses but also in courses taught by educators in communications studies. Thus, some marketing instructors may consider it less of a business function. Yet, PR is a big issue and getting bigger every year, and those teaching marketing should spend considerable time discussing the value of this vital promotional area. A good place to help with PR discussion is this website, which has been around for some time. It offers hundreds of well-organized links, including specific links to over 40 industries. The website also contains a number of cases studies which may work for class discussion.

Marketing and Business Publications Websites –
Here is a plug for one of our own resources. On this page, we present links to leading magazines, newspapers and trade publications. We even break these down by marketing area. Many of these websites provide access to articles that appear in the print version of their publication. Some also function as online news sources and include expanded materials not available in the print version as well as providing access to many other resources.

Rankings of Best Brands – Interbrand
When discussing branding, it always enhances a presentation when students are presented with a list of the world?s leading brands. This annual listing from brand consulting company Interbrand not only ranks the top brands but also suggests the monetary value the brand possesses. The website also offers various data filtering options, such as top brands by geographic region, sector and country.

Survey Design – Survey System
Many marketing students find marketing research to be a challenging topic. While the statistical elements of research often have students feeling lost, so too does the construction of valid research instruments, such as surveys. An excellent resource that can help strengthen students’ understanding of survey development can be found at this website. It contains a well-written discussion of the survey process and also provides good detail on issues related to sampling and questionnaire design. As an added bonus, there are research aids that include a sample size calculator and an explanation of statistical significance.