While account maintenance is listed as the final activity in the selling process, it really amounts to the beginning of the next sale and, thus, the beginning of a buyer-seller relationship. In selling situations where repeat purchasing is a goal (compared to a one-time sale), following up with a customer is critical to establishing a long-term relationship.

After a sale, salespeople should work hard to insure the customer is satisfied with the purchase and determine what other ways the salesperson can help the customer be even more satisfied with the purchase. The level and nature of after-sale follow-up will often depend on the product sold. Expensive, complex purchases that require installation and training may result in the salesperson spending considerable time with the customer after the sale while smaller purchases may have the seller follow-up with simple email correspondence.

By maintaining contact after the sale the seller is in a position to become more accepted by the customer which invariably leads to the salesperson learning more about the customer and the customer’s business. With this knowledge the salesperson will almost always be presented with more selling opportunities.

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