7-Eleven Wants You to Think of Them When Buying Healthy

7-Eleven Add Healthy FoodWhat is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the name 7-Eleven? ?Of course, most people immediately associate this name with the ever-present convenience store franchise that offers quick in-and-out purchasing.? They also assume purchases are mostly of products that would generally not be classified as healthy food, such as high calorie snacks, candy, sugary drinks, on-the-go meals, etc.

But now the company wants customers also to ?think of them for healthy food.? In this USA Today story, we learn 7-Eleven is bowing to research that shows strong growth in the ?better-for-you? food category and is introducing a section of healthy food products.

This is a decision that should be watch since changing the average consumer?s perception of what is sold in 7-Eleven may make this a challenging marketing decision.

Image by Marko Mikkonen