Ads Coming to the Back of the Airline Seat in Front of You

AirTran Airways Puts Ads Where Passengers Can’t Miss Them (Los Angeles Times)

Ads in AirlinesFor many consumers advertising clutter abounds in mainstream media outlets such as television and print publications.? But someday soon this may also be a problem in a place that is not commonly considered a media outlet ? airplanes.? While signage ads are not a new idea for transportation vehicles (e.g., trains), and have been tested before in airplanes, AirTran appears to be one of the first to slap signage advertisements throughout the interior of all its planes.? And, passengers can?t miss the ads as they are stuck right in front of their faces on the seat-back fold down trays.

Since airline customers are relatively immobile, the eyeball time available for ads placed inside airplanes must have advertisers drooling while allowing airlines to charge potentially high ad rates.? In addition, it appears consumer reaction to these ads could even be somewhat trackable.

The first ad on the AirTran seat backs will be for Mother Nature Network, a website devoted to environmental issues that is promoting itself by running a contest for a seven-night cruise. Mother Nature Network Chief Executive Joel Babbit said his company approved the ad for the seat backs because AirTran offers onboard wireless Internet service, which means passengers can see the ad and then immediately go online to register for the contest.

If airlines find the ads on the back of seats to be successful where else will airlines look to have signage ads appear within an airplane?

Image by work the angles