All About Selling

On the heels of the last posting which featured stories on social networks and marketing, this posting is also topic specific.? In this case we look at a few recent stories dealing with the selling function.

Selling Gets Complex (Strategy+Business) – Anyone who is even remotely involved in selling should read this story.? It offers a great perspective on the past, present and future of personal selling.? Here is an in-depth look that is well written and quite insightful.

Buyers and sellers alike have turned to sales professionals to manage the complexity created in the buying process by the explosion of information and the need to undertake more sophisticated, often strategic, purchases.

Do you believe there will always be a role for salespeople, or is the evolution of the Internet and other technologies likely to make these jobs extinct?

Is Sales Right for You? (ABC News) – Many people who are struggling in a tight job market are considering sales as a possible career option.? But not everyone is cut out to sell and this video story offers a good overview of what it takes to do well in sales.

“It is likely you are selling already, everyday. We sell people on what restaurant to go to, we sell people on what movies to see, we sell people on what big screen TV to buy.”

A common perception is that to be successful a salesperson must exhibit certain characteristics such as being extremely outgoing, being a good talker, and never willing to accept “no” from a customer.? Does this perception still hold?

A Sales Force Built Around Cold Calling (Inc. Magazine) – Before you consider taking a sales job, read this story on one company’s model for operating a sales force.? The methods are tough but the rewards can be plentiful

Next, a candidate spends a full day with a rep door-to-door cold-calling. “We’ve had people leave halfway through, because the pace was too much for them,” Chapa says.

Why would a company, such as the one in the story, believe cold calling is the best approach for finding customers?