Big Name Retailers Find Opportunity in Short Term Store Locations

Pop-Up Stores are Becoming an Overnight Sensation (Los Angeles Times)

While the recession in the U.S. is forcing many retailers to scale back or close down, others are seeing opportunity in the misfortune of their fallen rivals.? For example, as discussed in this story, some retailers are seeing the opportunity to test a retail approach where stores exist only for a short period of time.? While this concept has been used in the past for stores selling time-sensitive products, such as Halloween products, major retailers have not ventured down this path until now.

Toys R Us Inc. is setting up about 80 temporary toy shops nationwide, including several at upscale malls previously unavailable to the chain. J.C. Penney Co. touted its back-to-school offerings through interactive pop-up displays in half a dozen Southern California malls.

For the commercial real estate companies running shopping centers in which these pop-up store are located, is there any way they can take advantage of the pop-up store concept even after the recession has ended?