Can You Guess the Top Brand Characters?

America’s Most Loved Spokescreatures (Forbes)

Top Brand CharactersWhat is the first thought that comes to mind when you hear the brand names Geico, Energizer or AFLAC?? If what you think about is an image containing an animal such as a gecko, duck or rabbit then the marketing people behind these products have done a good job in building a successful brand mark.

As we note in our Product tutorial, a brand mark can be represented by a symbol, logo, character or sound ?that provides visual or auditory recognition for the product.?? To establish a successful brand mark the marketer must be able to associate their product with something that triggers the brand in the customer?s mind.? For instance, if a customer sees a certain image (e.g., animal, animated character) and they almost immediately think about a certain product.? Building an effective brand mark takes a great deal of effort, especially extensive promotional spending, yet many leading companies find the recognition value to be well worth the expense.

In this story, Forbes presents the results of a survey (conducted by an outside firm) asking consumers to rate the top brand characters.? While details on the actual methods used to collect the information is not presented and therefore the results must be viewed somewhat cautiously, the information is still quite interesting.

And the winner?? Surprisingly it is not an animal but you will need to read the story to find out who tops the list! Make sure to view the accompanying slide show detailing the top 10 brand characters.

E-Poll asked survey participants to rank 800 characters on 36 characteristics, including sincerity, likability and coolness. For our list, they ranked the characters by their appeal–whether people like the characters or not.

What companies have the worst brand characters?

Image by EMR