Considerations in Naming Products and Companies

Brand Aid Think Search Before You Name Your Next Product (Search Engine Land)

The message presented in this story is one that I reinforce all the time when discussing names of products or companies.? While most people think the biggest issue with names is whether it can be legally protected through a trademark, there are many other considerations especially if you expect to have an Internet presence.? With search engines being the first step in most customer information gathering it is key for those developing names to make sure these: 1) are available as a domain name, especially as a .com and 2) follow the issues raised in this story regarding ranking well in search engine results.

Traditionally due diligence surrounding the naming process involved trademark search, category and creative considerations. Now that?s no longer enough. Crucial naming decisions must also include rigorous SEO, social, reputation and paid search analysis.

Besides the issues covered in the story, what other factors should a marketing organization consider when selecting names?