Example of External Factors Affecting Marketing Decisions

Flu Worries Pump Up Sales Of Hand Sanitizer (NPR)

Hand SanitizerMany marketers spend most of their time worrying about factors they control, such as product and pricing decisions.? But an area of marketing often receiving less attention but whose influence can be significant is the external environment in which a product and company operates.? These environments tend not to be controllable by the marketer.?

Here is a good example.? In this case an external factor (a health issue) is greatly impacting demand for certain products.

Look around the campus at the University of Colorado at Boulder, and you can see why the folks at Gojo are so busy. There are hand sanitizer dispensers everywhere. The school has been hit with more than 565 cases of flu since classes started in August.

What other types of products and services will benefit from this external factor?? What products and services are likely to suffer?

Image by greggman