Goodbye AOL, Hello Aol.

AOL Revamping Its Logo, Hoping to Revive the Brand (New York Times)

Changes at AOLSay so long to the once proud AOL triangle logo.? The company has ditched the longtime logo for a new one that primarily focuses on the letters.? The logo is ? Aol. ? that is with lower case o and l and a period at the end.? The change happens in December when the website once again becomes a stand-alone company.

The move will include a promotional push that is possibly the most important in the company’s long history.? AOL needs to gain ground quickly or they could become another in a long line of once high flying Internet brands that have fallen.? Of course, changing the logo alone won?t fix things but news of the change could at least capture enough attention to entice some to check out the site again.

?To re-establish AOL as relevant today requires a massive shift in what it stands for to be effective,? Mr. Adamson said. ?Being around a long time in technology is already one strike against you.?? Although to many, AOL ?signals your father?s Internet,? he added, the new brand identity retains the name.

Should AOL dump the brand name altogether and start over, or is there still significant brand equity in the name that it should be kept?

Image by Frank Gruber