Happy Days Are Here Again, So Say Advertisers

C’mon, Get Happy: Advertisers Want Consumers To Lighten Up (Forbes)

AdvertisersFrom the looks of many new advertising campaigns, the recession that has gripped America and much of the rest of the world is over.? Whether you actually believe the recession is over likely depends on your own circumstances, but many brands are now convinced consumer purchasing is picking up.

This attitude is not only evident from the increase in spending on advertising but also in the message conveyed in many new ads.? A large number of advertisers have shifted their focus away from advertising themes that are steep in telling people how to save money or shop for value, and are now encouraging people to splurge a little.

As this story notes, the companies taking this position are not just those targeting higher-income consumers, it also includes such mainstream companies as Procter & Gamble, Microsoft and Volkswagen.? But not all companies are seeing an economic bright light.? Many companies are not yet sure the economic tide has shifted and are still reluctant to raise promotional spending.

New ad campaigns suggest marketers are eager to shake off the gloom of tough economic times–and they hope consumers will do the same. While some economists aren’t sure the tough times are history, advertisers don’t seem to care.

Do these marketers have it right?? Are consumers truly becoming more optimistic about the economic climate?

Image by bayswater97