How Heat Maps Are Helping Brick-and-Mortar Retailers Compete

An attractive business buzz term that is on the rise, particularly within marketing, is the concept of agile business practice. There is a lot that goes into defining an agile marketer, with a number of issues discussed here. While the idea of agile marketing has been around for a few years, it seems adoption of the key ideas of being an agile marketer (e.g., embracing the need for change) are finally hitting the mainstream.

Take, for example, this series of short videos from CNN Money?s Agility in Action series. It looks at how companies across several industries are responding to changes they are facing in their markets. In most examples, the change is requiring the adoption of some new technology.

One interesting example is how some brick-and-mortar retail stores, who face intense competition from online retailers, are deploying real-time heat mapping technologies to monitor shoppers? in-store behavior. The video titled Shopping Technology Heats Up, explains how overhead security cameras are tied into heat mapping software to show where shoppers move through a store and where they spend their time. So in some ways, the heat map data is enabling store-based retailers to gather shopper analytics in the same way online sellers can track online shoppers? activity. The heat mapping data can then offer ideas for what is or is not attracting interest. This information can then be used by the retailer in determining whether to adjust product displays, change pricing or if other marketing decisions should be considered.

Image by publiclaboratory