Innovation in Signage Advertising is Not Limited to Just Digital Display

As we note in our Types of Advertising Media tutorial, signage advertising includes all forms of advertising that use signs in a way that “places advertising in geographically identified areas in order to capture customer attention.” The potential locations for placing signage advertising are fairly remarkable. According, to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, an industry trade group, signage advertising, which they call out-of-home advertising, includes over 30 formats, such as traditional billboards, banners pulled by airplanes or boats, transit bus ad wraps, ads affixed to shopping carts, and images projected on building. It is a big market with ad revenue in the U.S. alone exceeding $7 billion for 2014.

As we noted last year, this industry is changing as digital options are making headway into many signage advertising formats. Not only are digital billboards found along highways in nearly all major cities around the world, but digital signage is now found at gas stations, on movie theater screens, and on information kiosks. Some of these even permit a viewer to interact with the advertisement by touching the display.

However, digital display is not the only innovation in the signage advertising. According to this story from AdWeek, the level of interactivity with some signage advertisements may soon include more than touching it with a finger. The story reports on how candy brand Kit Kat has installed 20 street-level billboards in Bogota, Columbia that provide back massages to passersby. These billboards are placed at key transportation locations, such as bus stops, as part of the promotional strategy Kit Kat is using as they try to gain entry into the Columbian market.

So what do billboards offering a massage to weary travelers have to do with Kit Kat? The answer can be found in the brand’s well-known slogan – “Gimme a Break.”