Intel Inside Logo Promotion Bets Big on How Spanish Futbol Players Celebrate a Goal

In the world of professional soccer (or football as it is called outside the U.S.), everyone knows that scoring does not come easy.  And when a goal is scored, well it is time for a big celebration.  Often goals are followed by players screaming with delight as they run wildly around the field.

While this display of behavior has become the norm, another growing method to celebrate a goal is to lift up or take off and wave the team jersey.  According to this story from NBC News, computer chip giant Intel is betting players will include shirt lifting and waving in their goal scoring celebration routine.

The company has announced they are paying Spain?s top soccer team, FC Barcelona $34 million over four years to include the company?s logo on the inside of the shirts.  Yes, the inside.  Thus, until the shirt is removed, no one will see the logo.  So it would appear Intel is counting on the celebratory practice of shirt lifting and shirt removal to catch on in a big way.

Of course, the idea of placing the Intel logo inside of something is not new.  In fact, the “Intel Inside” promotion campaign has been the center of the company’s promotions for over 20 years. If this new campaign is successful expect to see Intel brands appear inside other products.