Kids Love Halloween and So Do Marketers

Halloween is one of those days that people either love or hate.  Little kids and many teens tend to love it.  And why not, given the fun of dressing up and all the free food.  Parents seem to enjoy it until their kids come home and start eating all the candy and the sugar rush makes it difficult for them to fall asleep.  Older folks often consider it more as a nuisance and often head to a restaurant or a movie for the night.

Other groups that fall into the ?love it? category are the manufacturers and sellers of Halloween-related products.  These include costume designers, candy manufacturers, party planners, farmers, retailers, and many more that relish this day.  According to this NBC News story, there is good reason for these groups to enjoy this day.  The market for Halloween products is immense with sales expected to reach nearly $7 billion this year.  What is surprising is that this level of sales is being reached in a very short period, with the majority of activity taking place in less than one week.  And unlike other single day celebrations, such as Christmas, New Years, and Fourth of July, Halloween is neither a national holiday nor a day off for most celebrants.

The reason for the rise in importance of Halloween is almost certainly attributed to marketing.  In particular, marketers have used their full arsenal of marketing decisions to grow their business.  This has included: new product development, such as new costumes and new candy packaging; targeting new markets, such as targeting adult Trick-or-Treaters; and expanding distribution, such as convincing retailers to expand in-store space devoted to Halloween products.  This story has several goods examples of these marketing efforts.

Image by lobo235