Marketers Are Now Believing That Mobile Commerce is Finally Ready to Take Off

M-Commerce’s Big Moment (BusinessWeek)

The promise of big things in mobile commerce has been talked about for many, many years ? going back to the early cellphone days.? But finally with the evolution of smartphones the time for m-Commerce may soon be here.? Marketers love the idea of people buying through their cellphones (it may be a perfect device for impulse purchasing).? Expect to see this market explode over the next few years.

And now, thanks to the growing popularity of smartphones with rich, detailed Web browsers and easy-to-use keyboards, consumers across the country are finally using wireless devices to buy physical items?not just pizzas and sodas, but also books and clothes and the sorts of things typically associated with in-store browsing or online shopping via personal computer.

It is easy to say that m-Commerce owes a lot to the growth of the Apple iPhone, Blackberry products and other smartphones but besides these devices, what else needs to be in place for this to really be a new frontier for marketers?