Marketers See Opportunity in iPhone Apps

What Do All These Phone Apps Do? Mostly Marketing (New York Times)

Apple?s iPhone can certainly be considered a technology innovator.? While this product may have initially been viewed by some as being an ?iPod with a phone? it would be hard to find anyone who still has this shortsighted view.? The newer versions with their highly advanced features that enable users to run special applications have the iPhone leaning more toward being a palm-sized computer than a fancy music playing phone.? And this has caught the attention of many marketers who are now seeing opportunity in promoting their products through Apple’s App Store.

Other companies are experimenting as well. Gap gives away an app called StyleMixer app. Pizza Hut has a create-a-pizza app. Redfin, the online real estate agents, puts the Multiple Listing Service database in an app.

What are the restrictions that Apple places on anyone that wants to make programs available through the App Store?