Maybe Mobile Commerce is Finally Taking Off

For nearly 10 years, mobile commerce, which includes retail sales transacted over mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, has been forecasted to take off. Back in 2010 we noted that many had predicted mobile commerce would soon be the next big thing in the retail space.  The only problem is that it did not quite happen as forecasted. A severe economic downturn seemed to take the steam out of forecaster’s projections.  Additionally, development of mobile commerce was slowed as companies were reluctant to invest in this channel until they were convinced it possessed real potential and was not just a fad.

But now, it appears strong feelings for the future of mobile commerce have returned. Internet Retailer is out with its annual report on mobile commerce sales and the numbers show strong growth, suggesting this channel may finally reach the heights many expect.

While the actual in-depth research report discussed in this story is not available for free ($75 for print version), this fairly detailed story does contain good summary statistics as well as examples of companies who are finding success in this channel. It also provides information on how well mobile commerce is fairing around the world.

Image by Jason A. Howie