More on Marketing Through Mobile Devices

Marketers Salivating Over Smartphone Potential (USA Today)

Smartphone MarketingWe posted last week about how marketers are finally seeing the light when it comes to mobile commerce, well here is another story addressing the same issues.  Except this story gets more specific on how users are shifting from computers to mobile devices for accessing social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and MySpace.  While marketers may be salivating, there are still many questions remaining on the real potential these devices (and these social network sites) hold for generating revenue for marketers.

The number of people who use social networks from their smartphones skyrocketed 187%, to 18.3 million unique users, in July, compared with the same month a year earlier, says Nielsen. Social networking is among the fastest-growing activities on mobile devices, along with search and checking news, says Jon Stewart, Nielsen’s research director for technology and search.

Up to this point social networks have not shown the ability to generate much revenue considering the number of people who access these sites through their computers.  Will access through mobile devices change this?


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