Online Payment Systems for Global Sellers

We recently discussed how the online payment systems (OPS) market may soon be a battle between PayPal and Amazon, with its Amazon Payments product.  Into this mix, you can also throw in Google with its Google Checkout service.  While these three may be the kings of the OPS business in America and a few other countries, anyone looking to sell their products internationally should be aware of other payment options that may be more receptive to customers within a particular country or region.

This story from Internet Retailer presents a worthwhile summary of other companies offering OPS.  It includes discussion of the leading payment services in China (Alipay), Brazil (Boleto Banc?rio) and Japan (Konbini).  The story provides examples of online sellers? experiences with these systems and includes several intriguing statistics.

Bottom line, while PayPal, Amazon and Google offer strong services that support multiple currencies, as the story makes clear, companies wanting to be global sellers may find what works in one market does not necessarily work in other markets.  Clearly an excellent example of why effective selling on a global scale requires extensive understanding of what is happening at the local level.