Premium Chocolatier’s Positioning Strategy is About Emotion and Not Price

Godiva Rides in a New Direction (New York Times)

GodivaHigher-end products don?t always suffer during a recession.? Some do fine as their key target market often remains relatively unaffected by a slowing economy.? One example is Godiva.? Positioned as a higher-end chocolate brand, Godiva is launching a new promotional campaign that makes no mention of price or the popular ?value? proposition that many products now promote.? Instead, Godiva positions itself away from the mass market chocolates with an emotional appeal that states that even in bad economy it is sometimes worth splurging on a quality product.

? the campaign seeks to explain why Godiva is still worth buying during tough times, using an emotional appeal to make the case that a brief respite to indulge oneself ? ?the golden moment,? as it were ? is as desirable now as it was when the Dow was at 14,000.

Compared to this promotional strategy, is Godiva?s positioning strategy likely to change again once the worldwide economy becomes healthy again?

Image by Chocolate Reviews