Product Development Through Experimentation

Take a Chance on Experimenting (BusinessWeek)

Products that break new ground, especially in the high-tech field, are very difficult to find but if a company is lucky enough the results can be the difference between being the well-to-do market leader (e.g., Apple) and the struggling-to-survive follower (e.g., Palm).? This story takes a look at what it might take to push the envelope for product development through methods dubbed ?disruptive innovation? which includes a heavy emphasis on experimentation.

When working in high-assumption, low-knowledge environments, it is prudent to take a disruptive path to market by systematically testing assumptions and shifting the path forward as necessary. The goal is to run early experiments to gain critical pieces of information that can enable flexibility and increase the odds of success at a lower price tag.

Besides Apple, what other companies are known for their efforts to push the envelope on new product development?