Redesigning a Brand Logo and Considerations When Offering Discounts

After a short vacation we are back with our look at Highlighted Marketing Stories:

What’s in a New Logo? (Fortune) – Here is a fun slideshow-style article that looks at 12 brands, including some of the world’s largest, and what happened when they changed their logo.? The best part of the article are the stories behind the changes including industry and customer reactions.

But analysts and customers have been critical of the redesign — Xerox’s biggest makeover in forty years. “The new logo is first and foremost a sphere…and the less obvious ‘X’ is almost an afterthought,” says Gardner. “Xerox owns the letter ‘X’ in the corporate world. Why would they want to bury the ‘X’ instead of making the most of it?”

Of the 12 brands shown which one is most likely to be the first to redesign their logo again.

How to Discount (If You Insist) (BusinessWeek) – In tough times companies often resort to discounting as part of their promotional pricing strategy.? But as this story points out, marketers need to be very careful when using this approach.? It also offers examples of how to do it well.

Discounting destroys brand equity, hamstrings investment in innovation, and zaps profitability for companies and their stakeholders. Which raises an interesting question: Can discounting ever be an acceptable strategy for a business?

The article alludes to using other non-price methods for giving the impression of discounting.? What other methods can also be used besides those mentioned?