Regulating Ads on Product Review Blogs, Ads on Front of Magazines and Dentists Try Promotion

Highlighted Marketing Stories:

Notice Those Ads on Blogs? Regulators Do, Too (New York Times) – The U.S. Government and several advertising industry groups are taking a hard look at websites that on the surface seem to be impartial product review sites but in actuality are receiving funding from product sponsors or in some cases are operated by product companies without full disclosure.? This story looks at what regulations may be coming for such practices.

Two of the National Advertising Review Council?s investigative units plan to announce Tuesday their first decisions involving blogs. Their recommendations call for clear disclosure when a company is sponsoring a site or paying for product reviews.

In what ways should a website indicate that a company is paying for product reviews?

Magazines Turn to Cover Ads, and Even Pouches, for Revenue (New York Times) – Magazines are trying to be creative as they struggle to maintain readers.? Just as newspapers have done, magazine are experimenting with placing ads on their cover.

What gets magazines ? and other traditional media ? going these days is the need for new sources of revenue. Although back covers of magazines have carried ads for decades, the front covers had long been sacrosanct as pitch-free zones.

Are there any magazines where placing an ad on the front could significantly turn off subscribers or are people now accustomed to seeing ads in such places?

Dentists Step Up Marketing as Patients Skip Their Visits (Wall Street Journal) – It is not just newspapers that are struggling, some professional services are finding things are not what they used to be.? This story discusses the plight of dentists and shows how promotion is being used to drum up new business.? It should be noted that many dentists have never promoted before so this is new ground for them.

In dental school, most dentists learn that good location and personal service will earn referrals to new patients. But these days, the old ways alone aren’t enough to cut it and dentists with slumping business want to know what to do differently, Ms. Werner says.

What are some promotional techniques that dentists could try besides those mentioned in the story?