Retailers Respond to Dorm Needs, e-Book Market Gets More Competitive and Why Switzerland Has Top Brand

Highlighted Marketing Stories:

If College Dorm Students Need It, Retailers Have It (NPR) – Here is another college-themed story (see Monday’s posts for more).? A major factor in being successful in? marketing is to recognize and take advantage of opportunities when they are presented.? For instance, while not well known to incoming college students and their parents, it seems several big retailers are well aware that bedding in college dorms tends to be different than what is found in the average household.? Retailers have responded by offering products that meet these needs and, while they are in the store, get these customers to buy other products.

Target and other retailers have seized on the need for new bedding and used it as a springboard for selling a curiosity cabinet of dorm accessories.

What other ways have retailers addressed the needs of students as they prepare for college life?

Sony’s Reader Daily Edition takes on Amazon’s Kindle (USA Today) – Markets can evolve quickly, even during a recession.? The e-book market, including equipment (e.g., book readers) and digital content (e.g., books, magazines), has exploded in the last year with big companies, such as Amazon, Sony and, maybe Apple, claiming a stake.? For anyone wanting to know how emerging markets evolve, I recommend watching this topic closely!

The Kindle has taken off in part because its wireless connections make it easy for owners to impulsively buy and instantly download any of Amazon’s 349,000 e-books. Sony hopes to top that by promoting the ability of the Daily Edition to download books and text from a variety of sources.

The rumor mill is spinning with word that Apple may enter this market.? What impact will they have on Amazon, Sony and other players if they do enter?

Small Country, Big Brands ( – As this story points out, for a relatively small country Switzerland has several big brands including Nestle, Rolex and Credit Suisse.? This story offers good insight on why the brands of this country have done so well.

Switzerland?s reputation for high quality, precision and design is legendary, so it follows that the perception of Swiss brands and products is strongly positive.

What other countries come to mind as having the perception of strong brands?? What about weak brands?