Some Marketers See a Growing Market in Doomsday Preppers

A Doomsday Prepper is the name given to folks who are making survival plans just in case a major catastrophe strikes the earth or some other event impacts their existence.  You may have seen them on cable TV and may have concluded that such folks are a little different.  On these programs, viewers see Preppers from around the world engaged in activities, which they believe will increase their odds of survival just in case something disastrous does happens. 

For instance, they are shown building underground bunkers, where they stockpile food and water, and equip their potential future home with basic household comforts, such as bunk beds and power generators.  Viewers see them practicing for End-of-the World-as-We-Know-It events, including protecting their own safety by engaging in ?war games.?  Preppers also are shown learning to be self-subsistent by planting and harvesting their own crops.

What a viewer may also see is the time this group spends going into stores and shopping for products.  This is certainly something marketers are seeing.  As discussed in this Fortune story, Preppers are a growing market segment with money to spend.  There are even conventions dedicated to this movement, where a wide variety of suppliers display their wares.

As the story notes, most of the suppliers presenting their products at these conventions are small businesses.  It would seem leading brands are steering clear of this segment right now.  But that may change if this movement continues to grow.