Strategies for Digital Marketing

The Evolution of Digital MarketingMost of the items we list in our Marketing Stories section are gathered from respected news organizations, such as leading newspapers and business magazines, that we feel take an objective view of what is being reported.  But we also provide links to stories that may be viewed as somewhat less objective.  The best examples of this are stories from publications produced by industry trade journals and marketing research firms.  In these cases, before listing the story we do our best to examine it closely to make sure the contents are informative, fairly objective and not purely promotional.

This story in strategy + business is a perfect example.  While this story is written and published by the consulting firm, Booz & Company, if one looks past what may seem like an effort to promote the company?s services, what is presented is extremely compelling.  The story reports on survey research conducted among chief marketing officers and it focuses on their strategies for using digital marketing, including online and mobile methods.  The results include ideas for what type of digital marketing approach a company should take given its overall strategy.  Additionally, it offers nice examples of leading companies employing various digital marketing strategies.

Image by Jae Rustia


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