Target Markets and Products Are Changing in the Toy Market

Marketing Toys to GirlsHere is the story of a market that appears to be changing.  For years, sales in the toy market, which are mainly products targeted to those under the age of 12, was dominated by toys aimed at boys.  Products like transportation toys (e.g., Hot Wheels, Matchbox, trains, etc.), video games and building products would easily outsell highly traditional girls? products, such as dolls, dress-up items and play kitchen products.  But now girls? products are outselling boys’ toys. 

Yet as the story notes, the overall toy market is experiencing a considerable change.  In particular, mobile gaming is threatening the entire toy market.  This has led  toy companies to expand their product offerings by investing in gaming companies.  It may also suggest toy companies will be reducing the emphasis they give to traditional products.

It will be interesting to see if in 10 years the top sellling products in the toy industry are physical products or whether the future is in digital, online products.

Image by I See Modern Britain