Target to Manage Own E-Commerce and Powerade Battle Gatorade

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Target Dumps Amazon to Steer Its Own E-Commerce Course (E-Commerce Times) – At one point Amazon offered e-commerce and distribution services for several major companies including ToysRUs and Target.? But now that the web has taken on a bigger role in these companies, they have decided to go it alone.

It is possible that the down economy and subsequent pressure on retail margins also played a role in Target’s decision — along with its clear desire to be in control of its customers’ online experiences

Will Target experience a significant “learning curve” and if so at what cost?

How Powerade Defeated Gatorade in Court (BrandWeek) – When heavyweights battle in the consumer products industry it often ends up in court.? And while this one may seem silly, there is nonetheless big money at stake.

The case centered around the fact that Powerade ION4 positioned itself as the more complete sports drink because it added two electrolytes that Gatorade did not have — calcium and magnesium. At the same time, Powerade called out Gatorade for being incomplete.

Why exactly is Gatorade so concerned about the claims made by Powerade?