The Good the Bad and the Ugly of Franchising

Here are a couple of good stories dealing with issues that arise between franchisors and franchisees

Pros and Cons Of Buying A Franchise (ABC News)

This video also offers a good primer for another marketing topic of interest to those with small business aspirations – franchising.? It covers the key issues that anyone should ask who is looking to start a business through a franchise relationship.

What makes it so popular is the fact that you’re buying a business in a box so you’re going into business on your own but not by yourself.? You’re buying someone else’s system and someone else’s learning experiences.

As most of the world comes out of recession and spending picks up, what is the outlook for investing in a smaller, under-the-radar franchise compared to a well established franchise?


Franchisees Sour on Dunkin’ Donuts (Marketplace)

But before you put down the money for a franchise take a look at this story.? Things do not always go so well with franchise ownership

It’s like a food fight, with franchise-owners hurling accusations of harassment, and Dunkin’ Donuts throwing back denials it’s doing anything wrong.

How is this likely to end?