Today Turns 15! Turns 15Today is a significant day for us at as it was 15 years ago today that we acquired the domain name.  The site has changed a lot over the years, not only in terms of its design but also its focus. 

Below we summarize some of the key changes that have occurred. 

(If you would like to learn more about our evolution, including early site pictures, see History of

February 1998: The forerunner to was published on a university library page.  It was limited to offering a collection of links to Internet resources under the Marketing Virtual Library name.
October 1998: The site moved off the university server and began operating under the domain.  While the Marketing Virtual Library name was still a prominent feature, over the next few years that would change as the would become the key branding name for the site.
Throughout 2004: This was a pivotal year for the site.  There were many changes including moving from a static HTML based site to a dynamically coded and database operated site.  Also, there were a number of important features added including our extensive Marketing Tutorials and the Latest Marketing Stories.  Finally, probably the biggest change was the move to accepting advertisements.
December 2010: A significant site redesign led to the introduction of a blog-style layout.  This layout is still the principle design of the site.

We would like to thank everyone who has visited over the years.  We hope to continue to provide good marketing information for many years to come.

Image byWill Clayton