Touch Technology is Becoming a Key Part of the Customer Experience

Every so often a technology is introduced that turns out to be much more than a fad. Instead, it becomes an integral component in everyday life and in business. Of course,  easy examples of this are the Internet and smartphones, but over the years there are many other examples such as the handheld calculators, spreadsheet software, motion detectors, digital cameras, water faucets, to name just a few. Another technology that appears close to being necessary is the touch technology device. It is now appearing in many different applications including kiosks, thermostats and automobile displays.

As tablet technology evolves, more businesses are seeing marketing advantages in adopting these as part of everyday activity. This story from Self Service World offers a particularly convincing example of how tablet devices are being used by restaurants.

From a marketing standpoint, the devices are showing promise for not only streamlining ordering (i.e., the waitress or waiter only needs to press the pad), but it is also presenting advantages for improving customer service. For instance: tablets are replacing the printed menu with a more interactive option; tablets are making it easier for customers to pay their bill; and tablets are allowing customers to quickly and easily provide feedback on their dining experience.


Image by ToGa Wanderings