Twitter Offers New Ads and Metrics but Will Marketers Bite?

It seems like the only company in the news in recent days is Twitter. Of course, the company’s pending IPO is a key reason news organizations are devoting so much coverage, but there are several other issues that are leading to increased coverage. One issue has to do with some marketers not being sure whether the Twitter advertising model is going to work, at least as a leading advertising platform.

Another is how Nielsen is now using Twitter data as part of a new research tool. As discussed here, the Twitter TV Ratings are designed to measure the volume of tweets that can be attributed to a particular television program. It also measures followers who end up viewing someone’s program-related tweet. It is felt the communication taking place will offer an indication of viewers’ interest in a show.

It will be some time before the impact of this research tool is known. Certainly, it will provide networks yet another metric to show advertisers to convince them of the importance of a TV show. But, as with the Twitter advertising model, it remains to be seen whether advertisers will see significant value in this tool.