Twitter Research, Options for Online Ad Buying and Design History of Famous Brands

Highlighted Marketing Stories:

What Is Twitter? Apparently, No One Knows (FastCompany) – As we noted in an earlier post today, Twitter is now aggressively going after businesses in order to attract advertising dollars.  But this story, which discusses the results of a research report dealing with Twitter usage, may make some businesses think twice about pumping ad money into Twitter.

Of the over 2,000 adults surveyed, 69% said they didn’t know enough about Twitter to have an opinion on it–69%.

While the usage of Twitter is highly concentrated, what type of marketers are most likely to pursue it as an advertising outlet?


The Definitive List of Self-Serve Online Ad Buying (ClickZ) – Most marketers involved in online advertising manage their own ad campaigns through ad serving products.  This includes uploading ads, creating copy and also selecting where the ad will be placed.  Thanks to leading search engines, Google and Yahoo, this process is fairly easy.  However, as this story shows there are many more options for managing online ads.

Search engines not withstanding, you can choose from many other self-serve online ad-buying options, with more being added all the time.

What advantages would a small niche ad server have over a  larger player like Google?


The Secret Design History of 12 Famous Brands (FastCompany) – Here is a fun online slide presentation that looks at the stories behind the creation of logos and other designs for some big brands including Coca-Cola,  MTV and Campbells.

The first red and white label of condensed tomato soup by the Campbell Preserve Co. debuted in 1898, after the company’s treasurer attended a Cornell University football game, admired their red and white uniforms, and suggested those colors for the label.

How important is conducting research with the target market before considering a design change?


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