Virtual Reality – A New Tool in Overcoming Promotional Clutter

If there is one common challenge shared by nearly all marketers, it is the constant battle they face in attracting new customers. This becomes especially difficult for products that require customers experience the product before a purchase it made. Historically, the use of salespeople to interact with customers is at the top of the list of promotional methods used to find customers for these products. But there are many other options. For instance, the use of sales promotion techniques, such as free samples and trade shows, have long been used to attract first-time product usage. More recently, online methods including email, search engine optimization (SEO) and social media, have been helpful in capturing customers? attention that then results in product trial.

For marketers selling an experiential purchase, these methods (and several more) are an integral part of their marketing strategy. But with so many marketers using these promotional techniques, customers often feel inundated with marketers? messages. Such clutter invariably leads many potential customers to tune out the messages being sent.

To break through the clutter, marketers are continually on the lookout for new ways to attract customers? attention. One method that seems to be growing rapidly is the use of virtual reality. For those not familiar with VR as a marketing tool, this story from [email protected] is worth reading. While the setting for the discussion of VR in this story is the annual Comic-Con festival in San Diego, the marketing implications can easily apply across many industries and products.

Image by TechStage