Walmart Now Says Why Wait Until Thanksgiving for Holiday Shopping Deals, Start Now Online

Walmart Start Holiday Shopping EarlyBack in October we wrote about how the Christmas holiday shopping season was going to get underway on Thanksgiving night.  We explained how Walmart was planning to open its stores at 8pm, which at the time seemed to give them a leg up on their rivals.  But we also noted that competitors were not likely to sit back and let Walmart be the sole retailer to start early.  And that has been the case as many retailers have matched Walmart?s opening time.

But now, competitors have something else to match, and they cannot do it in their stores.  Today, exactly four weeks until Black Friday, Walmart rolled out its online holiday specials.  By doing so, they have effectively dismissed the so-called Cyber Monday, the heavily promoted Monday after Thanksgiving when online sellers show off their special deals.

Of course, as with the early store openings, we would expect other retailers to follow Walmart?s lead.  Expect to see more special online deals from other retailers very soon.

Image by Matti Mattila