What Does the Future Hold for Artificially Flavored Products?

Issues With Diet DrinksBeverage marketers selling diet drinks have been under attack for a long time.  More than 10 years ago, diet drinks were challenged by medical researchers, who suggested the artificial sweeteners contained in these drinks may be harmful.  At that time, researcher?s concerns had minimal impact on beverage manufacturers and, consequently, no impact on overall sales. Today, though, this may be changing.

As described in this UPI story, medical researchers? attack on diet products, along with media coverage of the issue, may finally be affecting what customers purchase.  While the story notes that overall sales in the soda category are down, sales of diet sodas are dropping at a much higher rate.

It is quite possible, that after many years of being exposed to warnings in the media and from their own doctor, consumers are becoming more concerned with what they drink.  It will be interesting to see if this has implications beyond the soda industry and begins to impact other food and beverage products that also contain artificial ingredients.

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