Why Fast Food is No Longer Fast

Fast-food outlets have struggled recently while the try to figure out how to satisfy the changing tastes of their customers. The most significant change is with customers? demand for foods that are, at least marginally, healthier compared to traditional fast-food fare.

Now comes this story that may have implications for how people feel about fast-food service. Specifically, the story suggests customers who want to get their food at McDonalds, Burger King, Sonic, Carl?s Jr. and the like, are facing longer wait time. This is especially the case with food ordered through the drive-thru window.

According to this story, a key reason for the slowdown has to do with the changing product mix offered by these retail chains. In particular, menu items have become much more complex and, consequently, more challenging to make in a short time. At least in the time period in which customers have become accustom to receiving their order. Not only does this result in slower delivery, the story points out now order accuracy is declining as well, with Burger King ranking the lowest in overall order accuracy.


Image by Matt McGee