Why Wine Packaging Goes Deep into the Buyer?s Mind

A couple of days ago we discussed a National Public Radio story about the beer industry, so to continue the trend of looking at marketing issues in the alcoholic beverage world, we turn our attention to another NPR story this time focusing on the wine business.  

In this story we see how wine marketers develop their packaging to appeal to different target markets.  As discussed, certain design features of a wine bottle are created with the specific purpose of subconsciously affecting buyers.  At least that is what a Napa Valley brand designer suggests.  For instance, for lower priced brands elements on the label, such as bright colors and sketched characters (e.g., animals, people), may be designed to give customers the impression the wine is fun and exciting.  On the other hand, higher-end wines often carry labels that have a much simpler design that is presented in a way that indicates sophistication and status.

In addition to discussing labels, other design aspects are mentioned.  The story also points out a few research studies that support the psychological effects of wine packaging.

Image by Svadilfari